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Talent is the Key to Successful Transcription & Documentation Outsourcing

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What is the 2Scribe Network?
2Scribe utilizes a network of independent contractor transcriptionists for the production of medical reports.

Why join?
As a member of the 2Scribe Network, you will receive a steady flow of dictation, according to your schedule. We will team you with individual physicians to help you be as efficient and successful as possible. 2Scribe pays you for your work on a 65-character line basis.

How do I receive and type my work?
2Scribe's transcription platform is robust, yet easy to use. It allows you to download sound files and type your work online. There is no need to worry about formatting and templates, making it easier for you to work fast. Physician's names are found via a drop down menu. When demographics are not automatically populated, 2Scribe posts physician day sheets on a secure web page for easy reference.

What connectivity will I need?
Voice files are delivered through the Internet, so you never need to leave your home. While dial-up access to the Internet will work, broadband (DSL, Cable, ISDN) will make you more efficient

How do I apply?
If you are an experienced transcriptionist, there are three steps to become a member of the 2Scribe Network:

1. Membership Application - After we receive your on-line application, we will contact you to discuss available projects, and associated pay rates.
2. Software Tutorial - Once your membership application is approved, we will send you the information and detailed instructions you need to download the transcription software. The instructions will show you how to complete an on-line, interactive tutorial that should approximately one hour.
3. Sample Files - After you complete the tutorial, we will give you five sample chart notes to transcribe. This sample will help us assign you to the best team.

These three steps can be completed in a very short time, and you can be transcribing for 2Scribe in a few short days. Prior to getting started, we will discuss all of the details such as pay schedules, team assignments, communications processes, and your questions.

To learn more, contact us at

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